Indian Independence Day Activities 2021

First and Foremost, Happy 75th Indian Independence Day to all my brothers and sisters! In today’s post we are going to share with you all the activities we had on this Indian Independence Day 2021. These activities were some ideas to help my toddler son to learn about the Independence Day, the Indian National Flag, and to pour him the values of the history of my Country. And also these play based activities may give us all some inspirations to celebrate future Important days with our kids.

1. Rangoli Activity/ Sensory Activity

The First activity was drawing a rangoli of Indian National Flag. This was a great sensory activity for my kid. He was very excited about pouring the colorful rangoli powder. Though it was a messy task, but we loved each part of it. This activity was inspired from my mother-in-law as she sent this early morning her rangoli of Indian National Flag. She is a rangoli specialist. And I love it and one of those thing which I always try to learn from her.

Coloring Activity

DIY Indian National Flag for wearing. We used watercolor paper which is little thick. I helped my son to cut and draw the National Flag. And he colored it with sketches and crayons. This activity was a great help for me to provide him interest on coloring. Though my son is not interested in coloring. This was exciting for him.

my 4 year son’s DIY Indian National Flag

Glue Activity

Things needed are simple. Printable of Indian Map, Glue, Rangoli powder of color orange, blue and green. We applied glue on the Indian Map. Then spread rangoli as shown in the image and made it dry. This activity is again a kind of Sensory activity and also added to it is fine motor skill activity idea.

Virtual Learning

We had video call chat with his grandparents. We decided to make a theme of color in wearing dresses. Me and and my son Sanath were wearing white. And both his grandparents were wearing mix-match of orange and green outfits. During call we stood up straight and played the Indian National Anthem and as well as UAE National Anthem as my son sings both National Anthem everyday morning. One of his grandparent (my father) was explaining about the tricolor of Indian National Flag and its meaning. My mother-in law shared about the freedom stories and about Mahatma Gandhiji The Father of Our Nation. My mother shared her school time Independence day celebrations like she did Parade and my father-in-law sung Vande Matram Song. All we were talking about the freedom fights and history to my son as stories that he might understand.

By these ways we celebrated Indian Independence Day 2021, giving my son a play-based learning as well as make him understand the value of the country where he was born.

Comment us below how do you celebrate your country’s Independence Day with your children below. Like and share if you love this post.

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