About the Author(Pragalpa Venkatesh)

I am very happy that you’ve stopped here to visit! My ultimate goal is to provide encouragement by fun, hands-on preschool learning activities and helpful ideas and resources. If you are a parent, homeschooler you have come to the right place.

I am a mom of a 5-year-old whom you can see in my various blog posts doing fun activities. Before starting this blog, I did my CACHE Course in Early Education and started supporting New Moms in their early years of Motherhood.

I didn’t have a plan of homeschooling but at times as a parent we have to be ready to home-school our kids even though they are attending schools.

Homeschooling my toddler was bit happy than I expected. So, I started my blog in 2019, as a route to share my ideas with other parents.

I made this blog to provide ideas on preschool activities, early childhood support, Kindergarten and elementary grade worksheets, healthy recipes for parents and mental well-being of parents.

Some of my preschool learning ideas:

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