How to help a child to blend letters sounds into words| Preschool Play with Ms Pragalpa

When starting to teach blending sounds to our children we face little struggle to make them understand blending the letter sounds. To say |r| |a| |t| they say rrr aaa ttt and not rat. So how can we make them to blend letter sounds into words.

Blending games and Activities

Help children to start blending letter sounds with these fun games and activities.


Puzzle games are always best way to teaching any lessons for children, as they create an engaging and creative thoughts in children. Puzzle word games like 3 letter puzzles cow, bat, cat, hat  in starting stage helps them to blend and read the word. Click the image for the product shown.


Block games also makes the children get creative and engage. Write one letter in each block. In a paper write all – at words like cat, bat, hat, rat, sat. Make the children to stack the blocks according to the letters and place it on the appropriate word. While doing this encourage them to tell the letter sounds and make them blend while they are stacking blocks. Like the child is taking letter a block stacking on letter t block while the join that time you help them to blend |a| + |t| |at|.

Car Race Game

This game helped my child to start blending words. Write the words as show in the picture below. And tell the children to follow the track and blend the words. To know this activity in detail, visit this video. You can carry out this game with your child’s favorite toys.

Blending words isn’t always easy for all kids. Choose games and activities with their favorite toys to get them engage and concentrate and learn. What is your way for teaching blending words to kids? Let me know in comment below. If you love this post, please like and share to all toddlers moms you know.

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