Building Creativity in Young Children

This post shows you some simple steps on How to bring out creativity from our Little Champs. Encouraging children to play creatively and to insist them that there is more than one way to do something, develops the young minds.

To build creativity in our Little Champs, we need to focus on:

Spending time outdoors– Nature gives us more opportunities to think and imagine and leads to exploration and creation.

A Day in my life outdoor with my 2 year old

Nature Play 

Visiting Zoo

Give them scenarios– Encouraging children to play small world scenarios like zoo, hospital, space, market etc.… promotes imagination and creativity.

Small World Play

Verbal activities– Activities like Singing Rhymes and Playing Riddles nurture creative minds.

Encourage art activities– Activities like Painting, Drawing, Cutting etc. makes children to express themselves and it improves focus on concentration. These activities promote Hand-Eye coordination and Fine Motor skills.

Creating reading time– Reading time improves language skills and provides relaxation to children to keep their mind free for imagination. Try out toddler story books like Peppa Pig little library

Limit screen time– Screen time is a lazy way of learning things. Instead try to make children learn with the realistic things like books, flash cards which in turn develops their imagination and creativity. But as in today’s world keeping out technology is not possible. Keep them in a limited way and use screen time to learning things like showing Alphabets, numbers, Rhymes, hearing stories like Krishna, Hanuman etc.

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So, taking out these steps will start to bring out creative minds from our little buds in Early Years Stage itself.

So, Now its Your Turn

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