Why Road Trip- Toddler Mommy Formula (2019)

We had a recent road trip to Fujairah, United Arab Emirates with our 2 and half Year-old toddler. The trip went very smooth and our son had a great time. I thought of sharing with you the benefits of road trip for kids which helps them to grow and develop.


When talking about the benefits, First one I should say the never ending Family Time which we all wait for. Kids do get lots of family time. They enjoy the fun and care of their parents and other people during the road trip. And we also find a full schedule of devoting family time for the kids and for ourselves too.


Outside Nature is one of the main benefit during road trip. Kids tends to learn the outside nature and they learn all kids of terrains like mountains, sea, desert, greenery, roads, tunnels, turns and peak etc… they get an eagerness to experience it.


Cognitive thinking starts to blink out. When they try to tell names of all they see, count the number of trees, bikes, cars, lights etc. and when asking questions why the flight goes up? Even though some don’t ask due to the speaking ability we can able to see in their facial expressions. Like why it is becoming dark during sunset etc.


Patience is a major mental development which occurs during road trip like sitting in car for 3 to 4 hours or more than that. It is where the heights of be patient gets developed which normally kids don’t possess in any other situations 😉


Off course there are senses development in any means like hearing music in car develops their hearing sense, watching the scenery during the drive develops their seeing sense, smelling the fuel in petrol bunks, scent aroma in car etc develops their nose sense etc.


Lastly it develops listening and talking skills. To say when cognitive skills are developing and the kids tends to ask so my questions to us regarding what they see there their talking skills gets improved and when we answer to those questions and when they hear songs in the car and tries to repeat it by singing we can able to see their listening skills get improving.

So, even a simple road trip can develop your child in all means. And to keep the road trip smooth you have to plan the road trip essentials and organize it properly to a successful road trip.

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Now its your turn

I hope you understood the benefits of road trip for toddlers.

Let other Mom from our family hear from you.

Have you felt or experience any of the benefits which I said in the post above on your toddler during any of your road trip.

If so please share the story in the LEAVE A REPLY section below in the end of the page.

2 thoughts on “Why Road Trip- Toddler Mommy Formula (2019)

  1. Beautiful….Toddlers love to explore and don’t care for the time pressures of travel, so it kindles the creative mind in them.

    As parents we should also have patience and be cool for toilet stops, faffing, gawping, stalling etc.

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