A Stay At Home Mom Schedule Assured To Keep You Healthy

Being a stay-at-home mom, I can feel like I am struggling sometimes with getting anything done. I get dragged in so many directions with my kid. Being home should make it easy to be productive, right? Not really…

There are times when I just need to focus on that one little thing, but my son is in great need of my care. Results, ending the day messed up with uncompleted house works, unattended toddler and totally messed up scenario. Not giving full percent on any of my works.

As who feel to be productive always, I struggled to be SAHM for a while. I tried to find the balance between spending time with my son and husband, maintaining the house, and doing things for myself.

Luckily, I read about time blocking/block scheduling, and it has made my life planned. I not only spend quality time with my son but also maintain home and importantly I spend time daily on blogging and hobbies that matter to me.

I am going to share with you what exactly my time blocking schedule looks like, and if you are interested, you can start time blocking along with this blog post using the free time blocking printable given below.

And this is how my Time Blocking Schedule Looks like and Not all days goes the Same. But Major days happens like this.

Points to Note:

  • Get Early in the morning 2 hours before kids wake up.
  • Get some Meditation in the morning.
  • Don’t sit with your hobby or any blogging or projects in the morning. Move it to Afternoon kids nap time.
  • Prepare Breakfast and Lunch together in the morning itself.

Now it is time to give. Here it is. Click the image below and download.

Give me your feedback through comments below.

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