How to teach Kindergarten and Grade 1 kids about Place Value Math Concept

Mom: How will you write number 21?

Child: I will write 2 in T 1 in O Column

Mom: Good now tell me how many Tens and Ones are there in number 21?


Has this been a scenario during your math time? If yes you are in a right place. And in today’s post, I am going to help you with the best activity to make them learn the math concept of Place Value.

What is a Place Value in Number system?

Place value is the value of each digit in a number. Place Value in simple words means “every value has a place

For example, if you take the value of 5 in 50 it represents tens and if you take the value of 5 in 500 it represents Hundreds.

Why Place value for Numbers is important?

Place value helps us to understand the number sequence in the number system.

For example, The sequence of the Number system is

Ones, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands

And not Hundreds, Tens, Thousands, Ones.

Place value helps us to understand the Base 10 number system and additions. The base 10 Number system is counting numbers by 10s.

Bar of Ten

How to teach the Place value Concept to young children?

One main problem we face while teaching place values is that young children may start to write inherently after we teach like for number 50, they will write

But when we ask the value of each number of certain children struggle to answer it. This is because they haven’t understood the place value concept. To make them understand it is always important to use manipulatives for young children. In this activity, you will need blocks.

Race to 100 Place value game

Check on this video for a detailed explanation of the game. And click on the image below to print out the free printable of the 100s chart.


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