How to get your child to wear a mask|Preschool Play with Ms Pragalpa

One Major task Parents has now is to make their child wear a mask. If not you all, but I had that during the initial stage of pandemic life.

I was very concerned about the spread. Even though we lock ourselves inside we have to move out for essentials and that to if we are alone we have to take our kids with us.

What helped me to make my son who was 3 years old wear a mask throughout is,

  • I and his papa must wear a mask throughout the outside time so that the he doesn’t feel alone to wear it.
  • Initially, I made him to wear a mask and made him to stand in front of the mirror and we had a little story conversation like why we need to wear a mask. Don’t hesitate to talk about the reality to kids. It is very important to make them know the true life. This not only goes to the world scenario but also any family scenarios concerned convey the true reality.
  • In starting days, I made him to wear his favorite character masks even though its high in price for us but it is not high more than our child’s health. Then he himself came to a normal kids mask.
  • We talked more about the germs, the situation going on and showed him pictures of other kids wearing masks.

These were the simple steps I took to keep my child safe and protected. Hope the sharing helps out other moms who yet feel helped needed to make their kids wear masks…

Breakfast and Lunch Box Ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten kids

One main issue that prevails for moms are providing food at school. As food at home can be taken in adjustable timings, but school doesn’t have it. It is necessary for moms to provide an attractive yet nutritive food for the young ones to school, so that kids enjoy their food breaks and bring empty boxes to home. That’s why in this post we are going to discuss about How and What to pack in breakfast/lunch boxes for preschool and kindergarten kids to sch

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Goodbye 2021! Recap of 2021 and A New Start with a Personal Note.

To start with goodbye 2021! You were the year the website PRESCHOOL PLAY WITH MS PRAGALPA has got many followers and visitors. The blog post which has the highest visit is Preschool Curriculum. The curriculum has been downloaded times. And I have received many positive comments on it. 2021 was a hard and an awakening… Read more “Goodbye 2021! Recap of 2021 and A New Start with a Personal Note.”

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