Virtual Preschool Circle Time Videos

Maybe your kid is at home, or have decided to do preschool at home or looking for online activities for toddlers 3-5 years old, here are the FREE virtual Preschool Circle Time videos from Miss Pragalpa.

Hi & Welcome to my blog! I am Ms Pragalpa and I am the person who is following my goal of creating informative and helpful contents for you all related to VIRTUAL PRESCHOOL, PRESCHOOL LEARNING IDEAS & HOMESCHOOLING PRESCHOOLERS. I bring new circle time video for your kids and preschool learning ideas video for you EVERY WEEK.

JUST IF YOU NEED TO KNOW, I am a Mom of 3-Year-old, An Early Year Trained person and Author of the website DESERTED MOM.

Whatever content I am bringing on my channel is what I do, doing and done for my kid.

There will be 1 circle time video each week which are learning and Play-based: in each video, your child will learn about alphabets, numbers, shapes, a rhyme and some Preschool theme-based topics.

Videos are 15 minutes each and include:

  • Good Morning Song by Miss Pragalpa
  • Color Song
  • What Day is today? With Days of the week Song
  • Letter of the Day: with Letter Sound, Words starting with the letter.
  • Number of the Day: with Counting Activity
  • The shape of the Day: with a Cognitive game of finding the shape
  • Preschool theme-based Activity like Arts & Crafts, Pre-Writing Activity, Learning Rhymes, Puzzles
  • Read-Aloud story

Join with Miss Pragalpa by Subscribing Preschool Play with Ms Pragalpa and Follow Deserted Mom

Enjoy and have Fun with Free Virtual Preschool Circle Time Videos every week.

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