How to Do Homeschooling With Your Preschoolers During this Lock down Period

Are you worried about your kid’s education during this Pandemic Time? Do you want to Homeschool your kids during this Lock down Period?  You Don’t know How to and where to start Homeschooling your kids? Or Are you looking for a good Homeschooling Schedule? Here is how we me and my toddler son home school for only 15 hours a week!

Before stating I just want to Convey I am not a professional Homeschooling Mom. I just do for this Lock down Period to my 3 year old Son. So, I don’t follow a professional preschool curriculum. I just made myself a Curriculum for my kid. To Know: Visit Basic Preschool Curriculum.

And most of my learning styles are play based.

This is purely meant to help you simplify your home school by providing some basic ideas of how do I do my homeschooling with my child.

You can watch the above video to get an idea of How to Homeschool Kids during Lock down Time, but for those who’d rather read it, here goes:

How to Homeschool?

Make an Everyday schedule:

Plan a timetable for everyday and sit with your child for learning. This scheduled time should not be changed. Unless if we or the child is not in mood to learn.  Because a moody situation on both side with you or with your child does not have a positive day of homeschooling. This tip not only helps your preschooler but to your elder children too. If you want to know my everyday schedule of homeschooling with my toddler. Visit Daily Homeschooling Schedule.

Choose a Curriculum:

There are many numbers of curriculum choices for preschoolers. You can get in internet. I have personally created a basic plan of curriculum for my toddler. If you are interested visit Homeschooling Lesson Plan.

Plan Subjects:

Make your Plan in Such a Way it covers all subjects like the major ones are reading, writing, Math and Rest Science, Social studies, Life Skills etc.

Plan your Monthly, Weekly and Daily Schedule:

Taking your curriculum choice in account Plan ahead the Monthly, Weekly and Daily schedules. As it helps in organization of resources prior and avoid mess during Homeschooling. Create and visit a Monthly plan first, then with that schedule the weekly plan and then Daily plan. This planning you can also suggest to your elder children.

Plan your resources:

Everyday in night before going to sleep, get ready your resources for the next day. These may include Printables for writing work, Coloring Pages for Arts &Crafts, Books for that day lesson etc. There is infinite website on internet to get these resources. Some I list below.




Bonus Tip: Create Routine:

For all these tips to go smooth No 1 Thing to start with is to create a routine for you and your child. If you want to know a good toddler routine. Visit Everyday Routine of toddlers.

SO, These how I started Homeschooling my Kid. Hope this Post helps you in starting Homeschooling Your child.


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