3 Genius Ways to teach Alphabets to Toddlers

Teaching alphabet to toddlers can seem like an intense task, but teaching toddlers letters can be fun and easy with a few puzzle games and hands-on activities will make them learn alphabets easily.

Prior to teaching your toddler to learn phonics and book reading, it is necessary to help your toddlers to recognize alphabets.

This activity will help you in this period of pandemic to stay at home safe and make your child learn with ease.

Alphabet Matching Game:

A fun and easy activity that can be in print and geared up to play in just a few minutes. In this activity you will need a print of upper-case alphabets and Magnetic alphabets. The child should match the magnetic alphabets with the printed ones. So how matching activities help children to learn easily? This kind of activities will develop their thinking skills, problem solving skills and fine motor skills like hand and eye coordination.

Alphabet Puzzle Game:

Learning through puzzles is a fun and hands-on activity for toddlers. In this activity the child will sort out the Puzzles. And this puzzle game helps the child to build their dexterity which means development in their mental (using cognitive skills to sort out the alphabets through its color, through its shapes) and physical skills especially in hands which helps them in readiness for schools and lastly fine motor skills.

Alphabet Park the Car Game:

This is a DIY activity which I made for my son. I created a set of Alphabet doodle flash cards in various colors to make the activity colorful. In this activity I will tell my child to park a specific car on the specific letter. And this helps them to recognize each letters of the alphabets. In this activity they will be having physical movements, they will use cognitive skill to find the specific car and alphabet said. As my son is fond of cars, I name the activity as Park the Car. You can do the same activity with whichever favorite toys of your child

So These are some great ways to set uppercase alphabet letters before moving on to lower case letters.

The free printable I am providing you for learning alphabets will give you a way for helping your child learn their alphabets!

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