Simple ideas on Obstacle course for toddlers and its importance

Hey Friends in today’s post I am going to share with you how obstacle course play or activity helps in toddler development and a very simple idea to create an obstacle course at home.

So, what is an obstacle course activity?

As the name itself says it. An activity with a range of difficult obstacle that a child must jump or climb or go around or go under the object.

Why an obstacle course activity is an important play in toddler development?

To Directly say what are the benefits.


Number one benefit is that the obstacle course activity gives a physical movement in the toddler. Physical activity is the prior developmental skill in every stage of a child growth and development. So the child tends to walk, run, bend down, jump etc.


At the early stage of growth and development children tend to struggle with the mutual synchronization which is moving body parts in separate with each other to finish a task like had and eye coordination, left leg and right leg coordination etc. for example: when cross over the object raising one leg and cross and raising the next leg. This must work in coordination. And children tend to develop this coordination in the obstacle course play.


They learn how to balance their body in order to do the activity. Like while doing the course they tend to balance their whole body in one leg for a minute or so. This in turn increase their muscle strength.


Obstacle course activity tend to develop the child’s cognitive thinking. When they are not able to run over an obstacle to make it complete cognitive thinking sparkles. For example: here in the video

My son tends to cross over a difficult obstacle. But he can’t. When he started to think how he can he gets a hold of an object and cross over the obstacle.

Here is were he had a cognitive thinking.


Obstacle course activity tends to provide children next level of challenges always when they complete their tasks. We can increase the level of obstacle and make them to face the challenges. And they try to accomplish those challenges in however possible way they can.

These are 5 benefits and importance to say when it comes to Obstacle Course Activity.

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As I remember my childhood, I used to have various obstacle course activities naturally like Jumping and crossing the Wall, Crossing over a Drainage pathway in roads, going under tables etc 🙂

By the way if you remember any of your Obstacle course naturally you did without building anything. Comment and Share with us below .

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