Practical Life Skills|In Early Years|Why It is Important|Deserted

Hey friends in this post we are going to learn on How to give Practical Life Skill Activity to your toddler at home.

Disclaimer: The idea behind giving Practical Life Skill activity to toddlers is to develop their skills and not to reduce Our work 🙂 . Note this will gonna double your work :-p

So what is Practical Life Skill?

Practical Life Skills are Skills which helps us in our Regular Life.

Practical Life Skills In Elder children is must to be taught, as they need to get ready for their future life and lead their life without any disruption.

But Why in Toddlers? Is it to Early?

The main aim of giving Practical Life Skill activities to toddlers is to learn Gross Motor Skill i.e learn to coordinate their whole body in a work, Fine Motor Skills i.e Hand and Eye Coordination, to make them work independently and to improve their concentration and cognitive thinking.

In Traditional Days, Every parents used to give their children these kind of Practical Life Skill Activities like,

Choppu Saaman which teaches kitchen skills to toddlers and a great sensory activity for kids. They learn to concentrate, use hand and eye coordination and use ladle to put food items from one cup to other. Learn to Mix etc.

Rice Activity which teaches how to write in the toddler phase and also it opens up the senses in the kids when they touch the rice.

Pallankuzhi which teaches the kids how to count, make them to use hand and eye coordination to put the chozhi from one kuzhi to other one.

These three activities teaches not only practical life skill which helps them in future but also writing skill, math skill, Fine Motor Skill and sensory skills.

What Kind of Practical Life Activity we can give to our toddlers which is easily available at home?

Balancing Beam:

This is a simple activity which improves Gross Motor Skills and teaches our child to learn balance walking and also it will make them learn to follow lines in our society like to follow pedestrian cross ways, to walk in pedestrian path ways.

For this activity you will need a Simple Tape. Stick in a straight line and make your child to walk straight on the tape and follow the tape.

Kitchen Skills:

Kitchen skills will improve their Fine Motor Skill of using Hand and Eye Coordination and a great Sensory Activity. Give our little kiddos some Kitchen activities to get creative and innovative recipes from our little chefs.. Like here my little one created a Tangy Recipe with Blueberries .

(Disclaimer: Give them activities Age appropriate, and Supervision should be there.)

Laundry Skills:

Laundry skills will help your kid to learn Hand and Eye coordination on picking up the clothes and placing it inside the machine and to pour detergent very keenly inside the given sections. These will improve concentration skills. Make your Little one to stock your washing machine with clothes and guide them to pour detergent and softener in the given correct sections.

(Disclaimer: Give them activities Age appropriate, and Supervision should be there.)

Download this FREE PRINTABLE on helping your toddler to learn Simple Practical Life Skill.

Read this post on a Simple Practical Life Skill Activity which improves your child’s Fine Motor Skill, Concentration power and Cognitive thinking.

Most Important and Lastly These Practical Life Skill Activities will reduces Screen time in our life and our kids life. Want to know how. Watch this video.

Now its your turn Share your Child’s practical Life skill Activities in the comment section and Let it help other Moms to give it to their child.

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