4 Forgotten Hygiene Practices To Follow Today|Deserted Mom

Aaaaaaachuuuuuu!!!! Haaaa don’t worry virus won’t spread by reading the post. But please spread this post as much you can, to enlighten and bring back all the hygiene practices we forgot these days.

Yupe today I have come up with a post regarding, today’s trending and frightening scenario of corona virus outbreak and spread.

Disclaimer: This post is nothing to do with any medical tips on prevention as because truly to say I am not a doctor. I believe post and videos regarding medical tips should be given by Doctors and I can see all the people are trying to spread all kind of information as they have studied, worked on and experienced. Seriously Damn that’s not right. But it happens Nowadays as digital platform is open to all to share anything they can.

So, what I am trying to share in this post is that, I really want to make everyone enlighten regarding all the hygiene practices we forgot in these days, which helps in preventing us from all sorts of spreads.

I will give as a point to make us remember.

Not washing our legs after using toilets

Number 1 forgotten hygiene practice we make is that not washing our legs after using toilets. Yeah, I know this is due to advent of using Western toilets. Until we were using Indian toilets kind, we followed that practice of washing our legs. Using Western ones, we think that we haven’t dirt our legs and forgot or purposely don’t wash our leg. But that’s not true. Whichever toilet we use, all may contain various varieties of germs and viruses. So, No. 1 enlightenment is Don’t forget to wash your leg after each use of toilet.

Drinking water by sipping the cup

Elders used to say drink water without sipping the cup. Why because sipping the cup tends to make our saliva to touch the cup and germs in our mouth stays on the cup. And if we are not washing it after each use. Then the reality is some other will use the same cup and we made a way to any type of germs and viruses to others. So, No.2 its better avoid sipping cup or if can’t wash after each use.

Everyday Sweep and mop the home and entrance

What can be the reason behind everyday sweep and mop our home and entrance. Those days they did as they avoid any kind of insects, dangerous organism should not get inside our home. But today all the dangerous organism prevails in air and dust and if we not regularly sweep and mop our homes. We literally provide them a way to stay with us.

We build our laundry pile

Due to advent of washing machine and laundry planner 😊 we tend to pile our clothes to segregate and put them and according wash cycle. So, we keep our undergarments to pile to run them in separate cycle, socks in separate cycle, baby dress in separate cycle. But can we do a cycle for single undergarment or a pair of socks or a single baby dress. We can’t so we wait for them to pile to put them in a single cycle. And this is also where we stock the germs and viruses. So what can be done. Don’t pile up Laundry, instead wash daily and hand wash small clothes daily. This is why olden days they wash their clothes, when they bath itself. We can’t follow that if we wish too as some may don’t have enough space to hand their hand wash clothes to dry or even direct sunlight. So, better option is to wash all big clothes everyday in single wash routine and hand wash all small clothes. So your laundry won’t pile.

So these are my 4 hygiene practices we tend to forgot from our elders. And down below I have provided a FREE!!!!!!!! printable checklist of Everyday Measures to Follow To Prevent Ourselves & Family From Virus Spreads . You can print and paste it at your home. And check it out everyday that you have completed it.


Time For you to Share, Comment me below what are all some other Hygiene Practices We tend to Fail to Follow.

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