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As a stay at home mom and a mommy blogger, I regularly get messages regarding how do you stay motivated being a stay at home mom? Yes, so today I have come up with 4 don’ts and 4 dos to get and stay motivated in our life.

But this post is not only for stay at home mom but for everybody. It may even work with all moms stay at home mom, working mom, wife, husband, son, daughter, parents, in laws, employer, employee, friends, colleagues, students, kids and who all exists ad survive I this world. UFFFFFFFF List over.

So how to stay motivated after all sorts of pressure, stress, bad day, disappointments, non-appreciations and so on…. Let’s start with Don’ts as learning it helps you to accept the dos easily.


Don’t seek for attention:

Seeking for attention gives us enormous damages on our health, finance and especially relationships. We tend to decrease our self-image and feel we are worth- less, which is the steppingstone of getting demotivated. So, we have to stop seeking for attention. But how?? For that we must know the potential causes of it.

Mostly seeking for attention happens when we feel

  • jealousy on someone like they are been over attended than us.
  • Lack of self-esteem like feeling worth-less.
  • Lonely like even people are surrounded we feel lonely like no support.
  • Inherited to attention seeking like from child we need everyone’s attention on us.

             So, dealing with these causes whichever we have positively and getting a stop to it leads to stopping of attention seeking and lastly it leads to us getting and staying motivated always.

Don’t feel for people’s expectation on you:

The key success to be motivated in our life is to live our life in what way we need to be. If we start living according to other expectations, it obviously let to demotivation one day or other. Feeling for people’s expectation is not a bad thing but we have to keep a limit on it. So, that we ourselves keep motivated because once you are not living to others expectation makes us down and if we live to their expectation on us get increases and again, we have to run for it. So deliberately it shows we will be demotivated.

Don’t seek for appreciation:

One major problem we have, and we have been built the way is that, what people will feel about me. It may be for good cause and even bad cause. When we get 1st rank, we first see what others tell us, we long for appreciation. And when we get fail then too we see what others tell us unappreciation. So, this is one major factor which affects our motivation and productivity. Both appreciation and unappreciation makes us down. You may think Unappreciation Fine but how Appreciation makes us down? Yes, one-time appreciation takes us to the addiction of getting it every time and if we didn’t get it another time we tend to get down. SO, the better next don’ts is stop feeling for the people’s expectation on us. If so, hearing from others and taking nothing to our heart whether good or bad nothing is going to affect us and we stay and keep on getting motivated in our life.

Don’t try to prove yourself:

Last thing, one should not do is that trying to always prove themselves. Proving ourselves always will not keep us on motivation. It gives us lack of self-esteem if we can’t able to prove ourselves. And not all people accept everybody even though we are perfect. And Why should anybody prove themselves to others. If we are been genuinely appreciated, they see our work and we don’t want to struggle ourselves to prove we are best. Motivation lacks when we feel struggle. One-way motivation gets its peak high when we try to improve ourselves seeing others and not proving ourselves to others.


Do start your dreams

Dream, Dream, Dream a key point to stay motivated. It must be worthful, it can be achieved, realistic. Dream it. Like how I want to be, what I want to become, I want to become fit, etc. Dream is the key aspect of motivation.

Do start your vision

Try to start thinking about your vision in your life, may it be, career, family, studies, health, etc. Think about it and keep a vision in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years this should happen in my life, this how I should become, this how grow my surroundings. The moment we start keeping a vision is a moment we start getting motivated.

Do start your ideas

Start thinking and investing your mind on building ideas to achieve your dream and vision. Thinking and making up a plan on that keeps us motivated rather than thinking on don’ts which I have mentioned above.

Do work for your destiny

Start working on what you want to become, what you want to achieve, what you want to support keeps us motivated always.

These points I made general for everyone which I mentioned earlier itself.

But to keep a point on stay at home mom, As I have been asked for them, I explain here, stop your seeking for attention, stop working for people’s expectation on you, stop seeking for appreciation, and stop trying to prove yourselves. Everybody are worth- full on their own way.

Do start your dream, dream to support and bringing up your family, dream to build your hobby to become professional on it. Do start your vision, vision on your and your family’s health appreciation in next 10 years, vision on building your kids to meet up the world, vision on supporting our spouse and both parents health and relationship. Do start your ideas on how to build your hobby as I started blogging 😊 it may be tailoring, drawing, some may be interested in Rangolis etc. Build your hobby and your time on it. Build ideas on how to get your kid in healthy options and how to make them learn in practical techniques. Thinking for good and higher thoughts will always keep us motivated. And lastly work on whatever you dreamed, kept vision on, and made ideas for it. Work on it on daily basis which keeps you motivated even when staying at home.

Writing these I am not a perfect one though, Everyday is not a Same Day to be Perfect.

But to major keeping us motivated by learning all these aspects keeps our life better and best and Positive.

Pour Your Views in Comments on How you keep yourself motivated?

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