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Hey People! Getting to you after a long while. Does your toddler is getting invite for competitions in their Nursery? Do you feel confused on how to make your toddler ready to face the world? Is your toddler ready to face everybody on stage????? In today’s post I am going to share with you Simple Tips to make your toddler ready for competitions.

Normally Getting our toddler into nursery went as huge task. Like they need to accommodate in the nursery, get attach with the people there, has to eat their snacks during snack time, has to pee properly during nursery time without any mess… Uffffffffffffffffffffff.

These went on well for a while. And there is going to be a big announcement of Competitions 2020 in the Nursery and our toddlers are invited. Now it’s the next phenomenal task we have to take to make our toddler ready to ROCK ON THE STAGE!!!

Let us see How we can get our toddler ready for Competitions.

For Instance, Our toddler is going to have Singing Competition. They have to sing rhymes. And that to on stage infront of teacher and other fellow friends.

To surprise, we haven’t yet taught our child to sing rhymes. And we get to strike when only a Competition comes.

How we can get our toddler ready for this Rhymes competition?

Before taking this to our child. First of all we have to get ready mentally and plan the subject.

Mentally Ready??????

Yeah For sure we have to get mentally ready. In sense, whatever is the result our only aim for this competition is that

1.Our child must get confident to face the audience.

2.To perform the rhymes soundly whether full rhymes or a line of rhymes.

So, for this we have to mentally prepare like we are not getting ready our child for prize but to make our child confident.

Next comes Patience to teach them the rhymes in whatsoever conditions.

Then Plan.

Planning the foremost thing.

Choosing the rhymes:

Choosing the rhymes which is easy for kids. Like Rhyming words, simple words which our child can say and repeated lines.

Like for Example, Rain, Rain, Go Away Rhymes.. Are you Sleeping… 5 Little Monkeys Jumping….

Attract And Easy to understand:

Make your child learn the rhymes with attractive Flash Cards of the rhymes which you have selected with pictures, attractive colors. And make some Plan to make them easily understand what is that rhymes about. Like I have given in the pdf below. You can download it for FREE.

Next step.

Elders are to become Toddlers:

We have to get down to them. You having the flash card, stand infront of your child and his dad and sing the rhymes as a child. Then its turn for Daddy to sing. And lastly make them to sing. When you both are singing and your child seeing it they get excited to sing.

So they get to learn the rhymes and sing it.

Now Lastly how to make them confident about reciting the rhymes and sing it without forgetting.

Your toddler might have friends in your neighborhood to play grouply. Make use of the group play time to make your child sing the rhymes in front of their friends.

And even to people who are coming to your home close ones may be.

But to REMEMBER, don’t make to do this lots of times and with all and they get FRUSTUATED about it.

Make it as a Play to them.

So, this kind of reciting it more makes their mind to keep Reminding of it to Sing it without confusion 😊

So these are the Simple steps to get your toddler ready for Competitions.

These steps can be taken to all sorts of competitions like Fancy dress, Speak up etc..

I hope these posts is useful for Mommies with toddlers

By the Way Are Competitions are Healthy during Toddler Stage????

Let me Know in the Comment below in the Leave a Reply Section

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