What Being A Mother Really Means|Deserted Mom

In this post I am going to share my motherhood , The Joy Of Being a Mother Since 3 years.

What I Learnt Being a Mother?

First Thing, Patience which is the number one factor we tend to get when we start our motherhood journey. Then, Maturity which comes along with patience as when we start to be Patient, Maturity Starts within.

Then I learnโ€™t Safety, which is not inherent to me. But it was easy for my husband as he is inherently Safe. But for me, I got it after attaining Motherhood. Then what I thought about why my Mother was very safe about me. Until my Pre-Marriage, I am a kind of Joyful Girl who never knows what Safety is. And My Mother was like my blanket in my life. It was the time after marriage I tried to know about it and Started to deal with it after becoming Mother ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I love being a mother?

Became a Teacher without any Teaching Studies ๐Ÿ˜Š

Became a Dance Master

Became a Singer Yeah For my Son I am the SINGER

Became a Friend

Became a person of Security which nobody needs ever in my Life but with whole brain thoughts my Son Needed.

Motherhood made me to become more than one personality.

I am Proud to be A Super Mom.

What i love about Motherhood?

Motherhood is such a Wonderful Attainment which I believe not only a woman can become but a Man too. Because I have seen Motherhood in my Father.

Even everybody Should Feel that, As Fathers are as more as equal as Mothers. Which nobody can exclaim it as FALSE.

And Lastly, Motherhood is a Crazy Position where we start smile during Hard Moments and Cry During Happy Moments ;p

And this post is dedicated to all My Wonder Moms And Super Dads.

Now Its your Turn

What is like being a Mother to You?

Comment me Below in the Leave a Reply Section.

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