Diet Vs Exercise: The Truth About WeightLoss|DesertedMom

Nowadays, Weight loss theory is becoming a Viral Mantra all over the world. When thinking about starting weight loss journey. First question comes to our mind, Whether to diet or exercise what matters the most?

There is some myth prevailing around that people must do exercises and works like olden days which is enough for weight loss. So, is that true? then No diet Needed????

Please do comment me below What is your opinion on this.

I do here that, in today’s world physical work is being reduced, that is why weight loss is not happening.

But I am thinking like, Nowadays we do computer jobs and commercial jobs where we sit for long hours and work. And all of a sudden will it be able for us to leave the job and continue our good olden days job kind?

Thinking it practically a big NOOOOOOOO….

To maximum in today’s society we can do 1 hour of daily walking, 1/2 an hour of exercise, take up stairs, go to nearby grocery by walking or Doing houseold chores ourselves instead of pausing to others.

But what you think the calorie burn for all these activities for a day?

Approx. May be,

  • 1 hour of walking- 300 kcal
  • 1/2 an hour of cardio workout 200 kcal
  • Rest all – 200 kcal
  • And totally 700 kcal


This calorie burn can be easily reinserted in 1 cup tea and vada or biscuits which is 700 kcal.

So, what have you understood from this?

After tough hours of exercises to burn your calories which can be easily reinserted with you food intake.

So, before starting weight loss journey you need to know that:

Diet Exercise

Therefore, With maximum diet of 80% gives you weight loss with support of 20% exercises.

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