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As New Year 2020 is on its way to bang on us. I thought of giving you a Life Changing, even to say a Life Motivating post.

Its about setting your Future by setting up your GOALS.

So, What are GOALS?

According to Me, “The thing I want to achieve, The thing I want to prove, and the thing which gives me Success are My GOALS” – Pragalpa Venkatesh

Setting up your Goals are the stepping stones for your life.

More than the things which we do daily, do that by setting up a goal and accomplish it. That makes us more conscious and happy.

Write your GOALS and tick it at the end of the day as accomplished. You will have a sound sleep that night.

Simply like today I want to read book for 10 minutes, Do Prayer for 10 minutes, have to drink 3 liters of water will be your simple daily goals. Write it and complete it at the end of the day, you will feel the difference in your life.

So, How to set GOALS?

Goals must be set up in different forms.

  • Lifetime Goals
  • Yearly Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Weekly Goals
  • Daily Goals

Lifetime Goals:

These are your visions you want to achieve in your lifetime, which are a long term visions. Like your Retirement Plans, Buying a House, Lifetime Weight loss goals etc

Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals are a sections of Goals which by achieving it leads to our Lifetime Goals Success. Like For Buying a House Yearly Goals are like How much savings every year will help me to buy a house. Same as that Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals.

This is same for Lifetime Weight loss Goals. It may be like this. My personal goal for my Life time Weight loss is 68 kg which is perfect BMI. For that I have fixed certain Yearly Weight loss I have to achieve and Monthly I have to reduce certain kg of weight and to achieve that I have to do certain workouts and exercises Daily which will be my daily goals.

You will come to know what you have achieved if only you write your goals.

It took me 28 years to start writing my Goals and I have started. Being a Happy Homemaker, I kept a Goal on my Writing passion and in a year less this is my 51st post.

Be early and think about your goals and how could you achieve it. Even if you are old nothing is late to start.

And the time to share my personal goal which is be a writer. May this 2020 brings me strength, energy and thoughts to make me write and motivate all people.

Now its your turn.

Share your Goals for the year 2020 by commenting in the LEAVE A REPLY section and start to dream to achieve it.

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