3 Ultimate Ways to Start your Meditation Journey| Meditation For Your Life| A Mental Well Being Post

After a long working day or Before starting a run for the day, it is necessary for your to Speak and Listen to your Soul to take a good care of Our Well-Being in our Life.

The way to speak and listen to your soul is by MEDITATING. To DECREASE YOUR STRESS LEVELS, INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY for the day. Try out MEDITATION.

There are simple ways to start your meditation journey. But before that here is an Info-graphic of Benefits of doing Meditation.

The right meaning of meditation is; you become more and more YOU.

Whether you are a Studying Student or a Working Professional or a Home-Maker, or a Retired Person the benefits mentioned above is all for you.

Students a Meditation before your exam day reduce your stress levels on exams, make you better focus and concentrate on studies, keep your mind a long time in study and improves your understanding on the subject.

Working People a Simple Meditation before the start of the work makes you concentrate on work which leads better understanding and communication with your colleagues, which in turn leads to increases your productivity on work and lastly, reduces stress due to work loads.

Home Makers a Fabulous Meditation early in the morning keeps you pumped up for the day, Increases your productivity by keeping up to your routine which leads to Reduced stress levels and keeps you time managed. When keeping up time manage leads you to better understanding and communication with your family.

So, The 3 Simple steps to start Meditation Journey:

  • Take 1 Minute to count your breath. Start from Less time and increase it when your Mind and Body is Supporting you.
  • Be at the Present for 1 minute wherever You are. Like When Sitting on the couch, When Driving the Car, When Walking, When Studying etc. You may thing WHATTTTTT! When Driving the Car OR When Walking Am I not in the Present? Yes we all will. But when you deeply think of it you will come to know Our Mind roams in all over thinking when driving car or walking.This goes very well with WOMEN. Snap your Fingers and come to Present thinking of Driving scenario. Your Concentration and Focus Levels will improve. ( I wrote this point after Snapping my finger took 1 minute of deep breath and came to the present writing scenario) 😉 ……
  • Have a Mindful Food time by not rushing through the food. Eat slowly and Chew the Food Slowly by concentrating the food you have. Think of the taste of the food, Smell of the food, What color it is? This gives relaxation to your mind and body and also even improves your digestion.

Meditation is not only like sitting straight, Keeping Hand Sutras for an hour or more. The above listed is also Meditation.

As I said earlier Meditation is just Speaking and Listening to your SOUL. It can be achieve by sitting quiet and also bringing our thoughts and staying at present moments.

Real meaning to say is that bring your body, mind and its thoughts to the Present and Listen to Your Soul.

After coming to this End of this post, Take a deep Breath, Stay Calm Wherever you are, YEAH you wont be reading this when you are driving or walking but still.. but excluding DRIVING, WALKING OR ANY Concentration works going on. Be still, keep a timer for 2 minutes. Play this audio and GET RELAX………

Pleasant Music For Your Soul..

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This is my First HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Post. Do you need more post like this to Motivate you? To bring back you from any sort of Well-Being Situations? Does WELL- BEING POSTS Helps you or useful to you.

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