Do all Women lose Weight During Breast-Feeding?

As I said before in an earlier post Guide on Breast-Feeding Breast-feeding gives immense health benefits to both baby and mother. One such is that weight loss in Mothers.

But is that really every women tend to lose weight while breast-feeding?

The Answer it DIFFERS

The time period needed to lose weight after pregnancy differs among all women. But majorily it has been reported that most women lose weight to their pre-pregnancy weight while breast-feeding.

Looking deeply on to it. What is the reason behind this weight loss?

1.Normally, when exclusively breast-feeding woman tend to spend 400-500 calories each day which is equal to 45 minutes of workout or cutting out a small evening snack.

2.Some nursing moms may also have conscious about what they eat. And they eat regarding foods which helps them to increase their milk supply. Like high- fiber rich and protein rich foods which in turn normally tends to reduce weight.

But why some women are not really reducing their weight even if they breast feed?

1.As I said earlier breast feeding may make you to spend 400-500 calories each day. But practically taken its 0.5 kg per week and 1.75 kg a month. So, if a woman has gain 11-15kg during pregnancy should be able to reduce the pre-pregnancy weight in 6-10 months of post -pregnancy. And for that a woman must exclusively breast-feed minumum6-10 months. And if the woman gains weight more than 15 kg during her pregnancy it will take little more time for her to come to her pre-pregnancy weight. So, this may be the reason some women doesn’t tend to lose weight after pregnancy.

2.Sometimes breast feeding may increase hunger in some women which in turn leads to eating more and some may also tend to move less.

3.Main reason for some women who are not losing weight is that due to irregular sleep. As looking after newborn until toddler age is an art and one has to dedicate their whole life in their child’s early years mainly. Sleep deprivation in another main reason some woman increases a chance of hunger and appetite. Untimely snack and food at nights. This may make it hard to lose weight.

In my personal experience to be frank, I was 90 kg in my pre-pregnancy period which was my normal weight from my college days. During pregnancy I went up to 101 kg which is 11 kg increase. And after delivery I came down to 98 kg. During breast feeding period which I did up to 2 years of my baby  I came down to about 92 kg. 101 to 92 kg . Pretty Happy I reduced.

And This is for fitness zone people. I shared my personal experience just to share my weight loss. But I am still well-built 😉 In process to being FIT.

This post is not to make one feel about weight loss. But it’s about to encourage mothers to breast feed exclusively for their child in order that the child get the benefit of being healthy and they themselves get a benefit of losing weight.

Visit Nutrition and Fitness During Breast-Feeding post to know the healthy ways to stay during breast-feeding.

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