Nutrition and Fitness During Breast-Feeding

Many of us think, is there any special diet to follow during Breast-feeding? And get nervous.

But the answer is a Big No. You can take same number of calories that we took before pregnancy. You can have all your normal meals which our family takes. Sounds Happy….

5 Tips On your Nutrition

1.There are variety of foods which may increase your amount of milk supply like protein rich foods, calcium rich foods may be like Ragi, Quinoa etc. can be taken. And these will also help you with your fitness journey simultaneously.

2.Keep your hydration level high like drink water after every feed. And try to avoid carbonated drinks and artificial fruit drinks. And lessen the amount of caffeinated beverages as it may cause low sleep in babies.

3.Vitamins may not be replaced entirely but you may ask your doctor vitamin supplements and have it with healthy diet.

4.Certain times your child may get stomach upset, farting a lot, diarrhea, black color stool at times. That time think of what you ate previously and try to avoid those food only. Mostly Gas producing food should be taken in little amounts.

5.This tip is especially for vegan diet people normal vegan diet foods do not have vitamin B-12. So consider having vita B-12 rich vegan foods like Quinoa and also consult doctor for vitamin B-12 supplements.

Fitness Guide

As far as fitness concerned, you can have an active lifestyle like slow and moderate walking. Consult your doctor before exercising and have support or sports bra when doing exercise. As it helps through breast- leakage.

Post- Pregnancy and Breast feeding periods are extremely a normal conditions and there is no worries of being so concerned and nervous about it.

Nutrition and Fitness its not only all about Weight loss. It must be a positive healthy lifestyle. Enjoy those flourishing periods with your little champ with positive lifestyle vibes..

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