9 Top Most Guide to Start Breast-Feeding

As a part of creating Breast-feeding awareness, I am going to post breastfeeding topics for a week. To start, in this post you will be reading 9 Top Most Guide to breastfeeding during the first hour after delivery.

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1.There must be an immediate bonding like skin to skin contact with your child. As the child has been in contact with mother for past 9 months.

2.Some child may suck the breast immediately and some may not at first. So, don’t get Panic, it happens.

3.Get the help of your mother (your best role-model) or elders with you in the hospital or the hospital nurse to start breastfeeding. It may take time for you both to learn. So be Patient.

4.Feed the baby more often even if the milk has not started to come. Because often feeding increases the flow of milk.

5.Don’t forget to give Colostrum the first milk which is only going to be your child Lifetime Natural Immunity Booster.

6.Breastfeed on both the sides alternatively. If the baby feeds only one side and refuses the other side. Don’t Panic. Empty the milk of one side by feeding. And give sometime for the child. And start feeding on the other side.

7.Feed must be at least be 9 to 14 times in 24 hours.

8.At first you feel the milk supply is less. But once the baby feeds more often the milk supply will increase.

9.Regarding the position to breastfeed Lying down and feeding position is best during early days. But don’t get used to it. As the child may also get used to it and it will be very tough for you during travel times.

Lying Down Position

Later days, cradle position is very easy for you as well as the baby to feed.

Cradle hold Position

So, these are my 9 Top Most Guide to start breastfeeding during the first hour after delivery. I hope this post was helpful for you.

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