Why Play Matters- Deserted Mom

Play is the Highest Form of Exploration which lead to Big Inventions

– Pragalpa Venkatesh

Early Years Childhood Development

Play is one of the main customs in which children learn, grow and develop. Because it is enjoyable and exciting when performing it, children easily grabs the learning process from it. They build their own abilities and sense by doing it themselves.

It helps to develop a child holistically by developing all areas of development like Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, Language skills etc. Parents must construct a theme of play which tends to develop their children creatively.

Best Outdoor Play for your toddler

Me in my childhood have played in all sorts of atmospheres like playing in roads, house tops, like outdoors, indoors, done all messy play, dramatic play with my grandparents, small world play with my mother, construction play with my father. I had all sorts of resources naturally and inherently.

I think we had all that natural resources. But when after the advent of technology like cell phones and tablets. The life changed. And the kids after that advent had all sorts of screen play. And in some cases, there are no other ways except screen play is an option like a child can’t go and play in roads like we did. There is no option for playing in house tops or anytime access or freely to play in other outdoor areas like us.

For this situation, we parents have to provide them with all sorts of creative play to build their minds and develop them holistically.

Easily Affordable Play Yet Cognitive and Creative Play
Small World Play For Your Young Champs

There are lots of kind of play which you will see in my future posts. One kind is that Small World Play which I have posted it previously.

Main reason for indulging them in all sorts of creative play is to reduce the screen time, build their brain development and lastly it is also a kind of homeschooling, which is going to be a start for their schooling life. 😊

Now its your turn

I hope you understood my why play matters? In early years of childhood development.

Now I want to hear from you.

Do you think children nowadays play like us we did past 10 years back?

And I also wish if anyone suggest a creative play so that it will be helpful for all other Moms in our family.

Let me know in quick comment.

Early Years Childhood Development

Holistic Growth of a child

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Easily Affordable Yet Cognitive and Creative Activity for Your Toddler

6 thoughts on “Why Play Matters- Deserted Mom

  1. Children physical activities is a must these days for the healthy growth. Secondly the body gets tuned to resistance power in the outer environment. The other important aspect is when they play outside, they learn the art of win and lose which is an important quality to accept defeat. We would have read in papers that a team member is stabbed due to arguments in the course of playing cricket in grounds….this is due to lack of give and take or we can call it Winning or losing. This is a key learning process.

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