How to keep your Crawling Baby safe?

Simple tips to know beforehand

When it comes to keeping your crawling baby safe who is newly exploring and discovering the world, first you have to look on two situations, when the kid is sleeping and when he/she is awake.

1.When sleeping there is a normal tendency for the baby to move in circle motion on the bed. And there is also situation when the baby gets up and if she doesn’t find anyone near her. She tends to start crawling. so there is a risk of feeling off from bed. So its prior advisable that make your baby sleep little down near to floor as possible. If can’t baby proof 4 side of the bed with pillows. Using crib is a different situation.

2.when he/she is awake you have to look on so many things like,

Wear her full dress like legs are covered so doesn’t get hurt when crawling on her knees. Its best to use carpet or any other soft mat where baby plays most of the time because not only legs but her chin is the first part to get hurt when she feels down.

Keep note on floors that there is no any hazardous materials like stapler pins, rubber bands, etc. As the baby is crawling, she is very near to floor and her eyes will be sharp to see anything on floor than us as we are not near to floor.

Keep sturdy materials like sturdy chair or table as a crawling baby tries keep hold on something and get up to stand and its good its her next development milestone. And there is also chance of objects feeling off on the child if the material is not sturdy.

Crawling baby starts to explore everything out of curiousness. So, Baby Proof all drawers with baby locks which is of her reach. and even doors with door lock.

Baby Proof Television stand with a baby barricade if it is not sturdy enough, as i said before crawling baby tries to hold a furniture and stands. So, there is a hazard of television falling.

So, these are simple ways by which you can keep your crawling baby safe.

Now it’s Your Turn

Now I want to hear from you.

I have given only simple ways to keep crawling baby safe, if you can add more further to help all Moms,

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.

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