Make Preschool Easier: Right Time to start Preschool| Best Tips (2019)

Preparing your toddler to preschool is like we are being blank in our Public exams. Things will be literally messed up and confused which later after a week makes us think, what’s really the problem? Can I stop my child from preschool?

Don’t Worry we all face that and not only you. Today I am going to share with you top best tips you should know before handed when sending your toddler to preschool.

  1. Look onto the right age:

   As of my opinion the right age to send your toddler to preschool is 2 years 3 months to 2 years 8 months old. This is a right period, as the child gets boredom to stay at home. Check onto the readiness in your child. Like if the child needs people other than you, if the child wants to be out of the home always, if the child shows more boredom tantrums.

2. Does your toddler communicate his basic needs?

Before sending your child to preschool at whatever age, think whether your toddler is able to tell his basic needs like he is hungry, he needs to pee, he is thirsty etc. if they aren’t able to tell that it is advisable to make them learn to communicate their basic need and then start preschool.

3. Do your toddler is potty trained?

It is very much suggested that before sending toddler to nursery they must be potty trained. If they are not potty trained at least they should be able to communicate it if needed. Otherwise it will become little more hurdle for the child as well as the teacher. Because the child itself will be little messed with the new situations and if they poop or pee and if they can’t able to communicate, the child will show tantrums which is known and unavoidable.

4. Language importance in preschool:

It is a good idea to know before in the preschool like at least one person in the school knows your child’s mother tongue. If anyone knows the child’s mother tongue language it will be easy for the child to get adjusted and accommodated with the surroundings and it will be easy for the teachers to understand the child.

If at all you joined your toddler in preschool without these tips taken and your toddler is his in peak cry in the morning to start to preschool and crying whole time in the class. Don’t worry my only suggestion is that give a break to the child for 2 months and start practicing all the tips above mentioned. And, routine the child with preschool schedule with all activities. To know some of my preschool toddler activities, visit my blog post which i have suggested below in this article. Why I suggest you this is that I have the experience of toddler cry and I did the same of taking a break for 3 months and I routine my son daily with preschool schedule and meanwhile Potty trained in 15 days.

Now its Your Turn

I hope you understood my Make Preschool Easier: Right Time to start Preschool| Best Tips (2019)

Now I want to hear from you.

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