How to take care of kids during Summer?

As Summer is reaching its peak in most part of the world. Today I am going to share about how to take of your babies/toddlers during summer. These steps can also be taken by elders for themselves too.

Summer is a wonderful season where we can have all our loved foods like Mangoes, ice creams, juices etc. but it is also a season where we are prone to dehydration, heat stress and heat rashes especially kids are more likely to get rashes.

How to take care of them during summer?

Provide them with lots of water:

Normally kids tend to avoid drinking water or forgets to drink. Timely provide them water. If they hesitate to drink never mind force to give them a sip at least. As water is very important during summer. Other options you can give is that coconut water, juices which are high in water content like watermelon, sweet melon etc. Avoid bottle or canned juices as they are high in sugar.

Give them oil bath Regularly:

As during summer our body tends to get heat. Give them 2 times bath a day especially. Oil bath usually reduce heat in our body. Give your kid a good oil massage before bath with sesame oil which has the properties to cool our body. If sesame oil is allergic to your kid. You can try almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc.

Use cotton clothing:

During summer try to wear kids with pure cotton clothes. As it allows more air to circulate and it tends to absorb sweat, so that the sweat doesn’t stays in our body.

Avoid using Diapers in daytime:

Using diapers in summer tends to irritate the skin of the babies/toddlers which leads to diaper rashes. And, kids get uncomfortableness. If You can’t avoid diapers during night at least avoid them during daytime. And if your child has diaper rashes leave them open and free without any dresses at home. Free air cures rashes soon. Or else you can use diaper rashes cream. But still after applying the cream in the affected area leave it open. Don’t put diaper on it. As it leads to more rash because when the babies pee that place will become soggy and little more breeding ground for bacteria.

Get rid of mosquitoes and other pest bites:

As in summer mosquitoes and other pests will be high. And when kids playing outside tends to get more bites. In order to get rid of these pest bites. Try to wash the kids clothes and you elders to with detergent and softener and lastly soak and wash with eucalyptus oil. Believe the clothes smell will be great. And also, it makes the pest away from the kids.

Avoid mid-day Sun:

Try to avoid taking your kids in the mid-day sun like 12pm to 3pm as the heat rays will be very high during the time. If unavoidable take necessary precautions like using sun gadgets which are sunglasses, umbrella, cap, sunscreen etc. this will certainly reduce the amount of sun rays on the kid’s skin.

Precautions when they are in a.c room:

It is unavoidable to be without Air condition. But it is very necessary to take some precautions if you and kids are more than an hour in ac room. Try to have the temperature between 22-25 degrees. Don’t go below 22 as it will be very chill, and kids get cold soon. And don’t go above 25 as there will be no use of running Ac. Try to keep between 22-25 as this will be a normal temperature which is neither cool nor hot. If you are coming out of the ac room before 15 minutes switch off the ac and bring it to normal temperature. As if you come abruptly from cool to out temperature the heat exposure the skin will be very high. If kids going to sleep in ac whole night. Try to dress up them with full body suits which is loose and cotton. Because kids normally dislike to cover them up with blanket as we elder do. So, its better that a full body suit will keep out from cold.

Keep in mind of these suggestions and take care of your kids and yourself too from getting dehydrated and heat stress and rashes during summer.

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