9 Ultimate Guide for your Hair Care Routine During Weight Loss And Post-Pregnancy Periods


Are you the person having huge hair loss after pregnancy or during a Weight Loss program? Then you have come to a right place. Here I am going to give you 9 steps to care your hair after pregnancy or during your weight loss journey to reduce your hair fall.

For more than a year I had a bad nightmare of having huge hair fall after pregnancy. It went to the level like my home floors always have bunch of hairs and after my shower my bathtub was full of my hairs.

If your situation is same as like me, then here is a good news Post Pregnancy hair fall is a temporary condition and it last up to 6 months to max 1 year only.

This goes same with Weight loss Journey also. Its temporary…

So, why there is huge amount of hair fall?

For that firstly you have to know the stages of Hair growth. There are 4 stages of hair growth.

1.Growing Stage where new hair starts to grow

2.Regression Stage where hair follicles tends to shrink and get detached from the skin.

3.Resting Stage where the new hair starts to form under the detached hair.

4.Shedding Stage where the detached hair falls out from the scalp.

So, during pregnancy what happens is that the level of estrogen level increases in our body. So, the hair growth faces the first 3 stages. So only we tend to have thicker and longer hair during pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy the estrogen level decreases in our body due to which the hair growth faces the last stage which is the shedding stage. So, only we tend to have more hairloss at that time. This goes on until our body regains the estrogen level to a normal condition. That is why it takes up to 6 months to max 1 year to get back our normal hair.

But until that we can take care of our hair to certainly reduce the amount of hair fall.

9 steps to care your hair after pregnancy or weightloss journey are

1.Healthy Diet:

Eat healthy and have balanced diet. Try to take more amounts of proteins like pulses, paneer etc. As proteins are helpful in growing your hair.

2.Gentle Hair Care Routine:

Be gentle with your hair when washing and combing it. As being harsh will increase the amount of hair fall.

3.Inversion Method:

Try to give Inversion massage regularly like 2 times a day morning and evening before going to the bed. As it will increase your blood flow on your scalp, which naturally tends to boost your hair hormones.

4.Oil Everyday:

Oil everyday so that your hair doesn’t become dry or frizzy. Obviously Dry and Frizzy hair will lead to more hair loss. If you are concerned about sticky hair after oiling. Try to use non-sticky oil like OGX- ARGAN MOROCCAN OIL.

5.Avoid Hair styling:

Avoid Hair styling and tight hairstyles which unquestionably increases your hair fall due to the heat generated during the hair styling process.

6.Braid Your Hair:

Braid your hair regularly and more importantly before sleep.As free hair during sleep leads to more tangles and frizz which in turn lead to more hair fall.

7.Avoid Stress:

Avoid Stress due to thinking of hair fall. This is a main point where everyone of us fail. Whenever we have a hair fall, we start to overthink like will we go bald, no more hair will grow etc. but that is not right. This is a temporary condition. And no one will go bald unless you have any serious medical condition. So, Stop being Stressed.


Take the before, during and after multi-vitamins which doctor suggest you regularly. This will help you in regaining your hair soon and strengthens your body during and after pregnancy. And during weight loss journey if you are in bad diet the body may tend to lose vitamins which may lead to hair fall. So have a healthy diet to regain your vitamins and consult a doctor for Multi Vitamins if Suggested.

9.Short Hair-Styles:

If you are more concerned about your look and your thin hair makes you feel awkward. Try short hair styles which shows a little increases in your hair volume.

Take care of your hair by following these steps and it will surely reduce the amounts of Hair Fall. These steps are not only for Post-Pregnancy or Weight Loss. But can also be taken by women who are in Menopause Stages.

Here is a Call to Action

Are you in your Weight Loss Journey? If So Please do comment me below. We will share our journey to Weight Loss with Immense amounts of Fitness Challenges.

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