Why should you take your kids to Zoo?

Abu Dhabi Emirates Park Zoo

Taking kids to Zoo has more benefits for kids and for You also.

In recent times, one of the favorite things for Sanath is visiting Aquarium and Zoo, as he sees all those creatures in his favorite animation videos. He tends to learn so many things as he spend time in these places.

First of all, Kids are brought to NATURE AND OUTDOOR. It has become a big task to bring them out in nature. As we tend to take them to shopping malls which is again an indoor place with air condition, in Places like Zoo, park, aquarium; Kids tend to get Natural breeze and sunlight which is good for their growth and development.

They tend to learn the OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT. Kids learn the name of the animals, what the animals eat, how the animals sleep, how they sound, name of the plants, color of the flowers, and lots more. 😊

They tend to have Family time which gives them more EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. They will be very happy if the family is surrounded by them. They tend to get emotionally strong when we concentrate them. They get notified the whole time from all family members only when we have these kinds of Family outings.

Increased PHYSICAL SKILLS as they walk a lot and they also develop SOCIAL SKILLS as said earlier in the Aquarium post. They will get to go with other kids and people.

So, these are the reasons Why you have to take kids to Zoo. We may think it as an simple outing but it has a major role on Young Children Development.

Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi

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