Why Baby Has a Late Bedtime?

I know all New Mothers are facing Baby Sleeping Issues. You are not alone. I also have a huge experience on it. My son from his day one of his birth he sleeps very late at night. I have explored and discovered after 2 years the ways to make the baby sleep early at night.

Are You tired of making your baby sleep early at night?

Why is it so hard to make your baby Sleep early at night???

For that, you need to know the Reasons why baby goes late to bed

Four Reasons why baby has late bedtime

  • Late Bed Parents or other People at Home
  • Having More Daytime Sleep
  • Upbeat Evening Routine
  • Inherent Night Baby

So, what is the solution to bring Babies to bed early?


If you are going to be late, obviously the baby tends to go to bed late. I highly suggest you to finish all your works as early as possible in evening and go to bed early. Automatically, you can see the baby will also sleep early.


If your baby takes more Daytime naps like 3 to 4 times a day or a single daytime nap during late afternoon for 3 to 4 hrs. it tends to make the child active during the nighttime. Try to reduce the hours of Daytime Naps and you will see the baby gets tired very early in the evening and start sleeping early at night.


If your baby has an Upbeat Evening routine like using electronic devices like Television, mobile phones during the evening. The display from the devices tends to irritate the eyes of the baby and they will have difficulties in sleeping during the night. So, its highly recommended to cut down the electronic devices during evening time.


If your child is like mine who is an inherently nighttime boy. Try to change the sleeping clock routine. It’s like even if the baby goes to bed very late at night, try to wake up as early as possible in the morning. This will help them in taking Daytime Naps during the Mid-Morning itself. And by afternoon and evening they will be active. Thereby in late evening they will get tired and sleep very early. If you didn’t wake them early in the morning this scenario which I said before will become vice versa. So never mind waking them up early in the morning.

Understand these steps and follow it. Believe me in a week or two the baby will change the sleeping routine.

Here is a Good Everyday Routine of toddler.

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