5 Exclusive Benefits of Nature Play

On continuing the topic from my previous two posts which is on Desert to Nature and Astonishing Importance of Nature Play. This post is going to be about Exclusive Benefits of Nature play for the kids.

  1. Develop Senses: Nature Play tends to develop the child’s senses. Like touching Sand, touching the leaves of the plant, seeing the colorful plants, hearing the sound of water dropping when watering the plants. Sensing the smell of the mud etc.
  2. Builds Cognitive Skill: Nature Play tends to build intellectual skills by making the kid think of the process of a seed becoming into a plant. Although it is not the right age that they will understand it but it tends to create an eagerness in their mind and think about it. We can find it when the child keeps his face like interrogation like how this happened? From where this plant came? Even though the child hasn’t start to communicate we can feel with their facial expressions 😊
  3. Improves Emotional Skill: Nature Play tends to improve emotional skill a lot in the child by making them excited. They feel happy when they see the plants growing. They feel little confused when we pluck the plants for cooking 😉 like why this mama plucked it.. Ha ha my child’s facial expression was like an angry bull. It was like him saying me, All these time I gave my hard efforts to grow it and you plucked in just a second 😊
  4. Promotes Physical Skill: Nature play tends to promote Physical skill like Fine Motor Skill when seeding inside the mud with the fingers. Gross motor skill when watering the plants. To my surprise my little crazy butterfly showed his perfection by watering the plant without a drop outside the box. He concentrated a lot when he was watering the plant 😊
  5. Importance of nature: Lastly, Nature Play will make them to know the importance of nature. Like the plant we grow is the food we are having. So it is very important to grow plants so that we will have immense food every day.

Probably you can understand how simple is to show our kids the importance of nature and we can see how they are benefited out of it.

So, now is the question time, What are the other steps which can be taken to make your child understand the importance of Nature??

I am waiting to see the comments.

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