Astonishing Importance of Nature Play for Kids

“Study the Nature, Love the Nature, Stay Close to the Nature and It will Never Fail You”

As I said in the Desert to Nature post, it is an high need of an hour to teach our kids the importance growing our nature and growing with the nature.

So, by staying at home, how simply you can start to teach your children the importance of nature?

I started to teach my kid about the nature in a simple way. I took a small box of mud, told him to sprinkle some coriander seeds and I helped him to seed it inside the mud. Sanath watered it everyday and it became his one major routine at his age of 2.

First 4 days, it didn’t give much interest in it. And I forced him to water it.

After the 5th day when the seed inside started to sprout, Sanath got excited and he touched it and watered it on his own interest without any compulsion.

Day by day the growth of the plant made sanath surprise and eager to know what will be the next. Then after the 12th day I plucked a bunch of leaves from it which Sanath was seeing it. He had a face of interrogation like why Mama plucked it 😊. I felt that in him.

Then I took him to the kitchen and made him to see that I used those leaves in cooking. He felt very happy and he was very eager to eat the food. That day he had the food nicely without any mess which made me very HAPPY.

Sanath came to know the importance of planting. You start to think like, how come he knows at the age of 2??? Am I right???

Yes, I know you will feel that. But I came to know that he feels the importance of it, when he made me to seed the coriander seeds again and again every time. In starting I was compelling him to water the plants and now he started to compel me to seed the plants 😊 how nice right. Like Its been 5th time I am seeding it.

Does this Step of showing the kids the importance of Nature made you difficult to do it or Cost you tons??

Here I have just given you a simple way. There are lots of ideas you can even grow your own vegetables in a small living space.

By the way what benefits does the kids get from doing this?

Will see that in the next post.


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