One plant a day keeps the global warming away

Nature degradation is becoming a booming problem in today’s world. It is going to be a big issue for future children, if we don’t take this as serious now. Nowadays importance of nature is becoming unknown for the kids and they really know the importance of technology without ease.

It has become hard time for us to make them know the importance of nature and its benefits. Its very vital to know that one main problem of environment degradation is reduction of fresh water and increase of saltwater on Earth. Its high time that we must get ready for the change.

So, this cannot be changed in a second or two, as we have depleted it from long time. First step is to make our children to learn about the importance of nature and make them grown with the nature and this will in turn reach the way future children of our children and it goes on.

Being in an apartment or any tech associated housing, how can I start to make my children learn about nature? When thinking on this I read an article regarding GROW YOUR FOOD initiative by Dubai Municipality which I felt very great awareness. I have started to communicate to my child regarding the benefits of nature to us.

Have you started to teach your child on this? If not start it right now as it will save our planet and our kids too.

Keeping this in mind, by staying at home, how simply you can start to teach your children the benefits of nature and what benefits they attain when learning about nature?

Answer on my next post.


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