5 Benefits of Small World Play

Small world play is of an act where children plays the scenario in a controlled space which they see in the real world. It can be played with miniature toys or as an Art and Craft activity which I have done here. This play is very important as the kids learn the life scene. The goal of the play is to make the child to rebuild a real-life scenario they see.

Things Needed for this Art and Craft activity:

Shoe Box
Color Paper
Color Pencil
Glue stick
Wonderful A4 size Color Papers
HUGE DISCOUNT offer on Child-Friendly Paints

Small world play is not a new activity and there is a great example to show that it is played from ancient times. In our Indian culture, we used to follow a festival called Navaratiri a 9 days Pooja festival. In that we used to arrange toys and dolls in a 9-step order. In that we used to keep a miniature small world scenario like Zoo, Park, Cricket ground etc. Children visiting home usually play with it.

So back to the 5 Major Benefits of this Small world play, it brings up HOLISTIC Development of a child.

  • Firstly, it develops the child’s Imagination Skills. Children build their activity imagining the scenario they saw in the reality. When we played this activity Sanath gave an imaginary color to all the species. Like blue to shark, green to tortoise, on his own. He also pasted everything on his own way.
  • It develops the child’s Language Skills. They try to speak about the scenario comparing with what they saw. Sanath started to tell all the names of the species, colors etc.
  • It builds Problem Solving Skill in the child. They tend to rearrange the play all time and try to solve it to again become the real ones.

HA HA the main game of the play for Sanath was taking out the pasted ones and rearranging it in all possible ways.

  • One main development was Sanath Independently playing this act even when I was not there. Independent play is the right time where the child’s imagination and curiosity BOOMS 😊
  • Cause and Consequence was another benefit. It’s like they learn when changing the order of the play what Cause and Consequences happens.

It is the best activity to do it ourselves as a team and play at home. So, that children learn the real life scenarios. you can also try to do many other Small World Play like ZOO, PARK, HOSPITAL, BEACH scenario etc. Try it out and Please do comment on my blog or Youtube Channel Mom Home Xplod Community regarding How your Child got developed when doing this Activity.


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