Unusually it happened, But I am Scared to Tell!!!

Every child deserves to grow up Feeling Safe and Loved.

In today’s world, child abuse is a worst scenario which keeps on increasing in large numbers. It is said that in India every hour there are 5 child victims. Is this a healthy situation to move away from it?

In most cases people never know what is a child abuse and why it is happening? We only think Sexual harassment is child abuse. Not at all, there are lot more scenarios. To know about it, you need to know the answers for the following questions.

  • What is a child abuse?
  • Who are child abusers?
  • How do children get abused?
  • Lastly, what can be done to protect our children from getting abused?

What is a child abuse?

Child abuse is of an act or exploit made by an adult or child, that leads to substantial harm or vulnerability to a child. Its very hard to think of someone who is intentionally hurting our kids yet the stats above I mentioned shows how high is the child abuse scenarios.

Who are child abusers?

Child abusers come in all ways of a child’s life. There is no single kind of child abusers. It starts right from the home, and extends to school, travel situations, coaching classes etc. They include family relations, teachers, guardians, family friends, travel friends, stranger and unintentionally parents too.

What you mean to say we PARENTS??????

Yes, Absolutely.

Most of you think a stranger abusing a child sexually, or threatening is a child abuse. But Child abuse happen in different types.

  • Physical abuse (This abuse is purposely hurting a child causing Unexplained injuries, bruises, burns cuts etc.)
  • Emotional abuse (This abuse is a constant maltreatment of a child emotionally.  It is also called as psychological abuse. It ruins the emotional and health development of a child)
  • Sexual abuse (This abuse is forcing or persuading a child to take part in a sexual activity. This may be contact or non-contact abuse as children may even don’t know something is wrong. That is why most of the sexual abuse is unable to identify)
  • Domestic abuse (This abuse is a kind of controlling, bullying, threatening, or being violent to the child by the person in relation to them like parents, guardians etc. but always this abuse is combined with physical, emotional and neglect.)
  • Neglect (This is a constant abuse by not meeting the basic needs of children like leaving them hungry, not providing them shelter, clothes, not providing love and affection etc.)

So, In this where do parents stand??? Think on these questions.

Do we provide all basic needs a child requires? Like providing them a good Sanitary place, providing them good education?

Do we ever forced a child to do a study on our preference or loaded a child with so many extracurricular activities which the child is not interested in???

Having 7 to 8 kids but not providing a proper place to shelter.

If the answer is YES, then the children are getting abused.

By doing these children are neglected and domestically abused and even physically abused.

Common abuse is that most of the parents do this unintentionally for the well-being of a child, like forcing a child on studying on their preference and not letting the child to do his/her own interested study and think they are making it for the goodness of their child. Yes, I know,where is the child getting abused in it, is the question running on our minds. In this case children are emotionally getting abused. They will come up in their life for sure but leaving their soul interest. If they do their interested study whichever field or arena, they will shine even more. Its like this, if the kid loves to do Eco-Commerce studies and wants to become Great Economists make them to go on their wish and guide and support them on what can be done to attain their goals instead don’t force them to do Doctor studies. In future, it will become their career until their end of life. So, Think on it.

Mainly in today’s world we parents are afraid to send our kids outside due to the increase of sexual abuse happenings. I feel very pity on our kids as in their age the main activity they have to do is outdoor play. it gives them lots of healthy vitamins. We had that play joyfully at those times like 10 years back. But, now it has become a great challenge to send our kids for outdoor play or any other classes alone.

So, what can be done to protect our child from getting abused??

Take this as an Eye Opener. Because in lots of cases Children themselves finds that they are getting abused by their own parents emotionally and it was difficult for them to speak up as they were trapped by the affection getting from their parents and getting abused by a stranger sexually or physically they don’t come and tell us, as they were threatened by those brutal species.

  1. Explain them the signs of getting abuses.

For instance, teach them about ill-treatment of touching their private parts or forcing them to touch abuser’s private part. As the child is going to travel on their own to school, extra school hour times, after school coaching classes and other extra-curricular activity classes. Don’t Neglect this step thinking of How can I speak regarding these sensitive things to my Kids? Its not SHAMEFUL of speaking this up. Think You are going to save a child’s life. Mother’s Please do teach your daughter, Father’s Please do teach your son and Single Parent?? Never mind teach your son or daughter.

And never ever mind for your family friends or relations. Even the closest family friend is unintentionally a child abuser. If they come home talks about kids’ education comparing our kids with the rest and making our kid emotionally unstable. Please don’t let it hereafter because our children are important more than others as we have brought them to this world and IT IS OUR DUTY TO BRING THEM UP POSITIVELY in this world.

  • Tell them to be courageous to express or communicate about the abuse happen to them.

This is mainly to avoid children getting sexually abused. 1 of 2 kids are not telling about their abuse happening to them. They feel afraid and think that if telling others messes up their life. Not at all, keeping it with themselves only going to ruin their life. Make them bold enough to handle the situation. Its for both sons and daughters as abuses happens for both genders. Teach them Safeguarding techniques like Karate, Martial arts etc. It will save our kids in mere future and if after all abuses happen teach them how to be bold enough on reporting the abuser.

  • Lastly, Where the child must come and say about the abuses happened?

In most cases, trusted people are parents. But sometimes neglect and lethargic steps happens with parents. In that scenario they can say it to some other trusted relation or friends and not to all as it may lead to rumors. It is noteworthy, to educate children regarding the Child development and Protection department that every nation has and in worst cases of all they can report to them.

A great example of a child reporting about her father for not providing a basic need is a great inspiration to all children and even parents.  A seven-year-old Indian girl went to the police to report on her dad on not building a toilet.

    This incident is well appreciated and inspired by all the children and parents too. Taking this in positive side, Children should also boldly report other abuses like mainly sexual abuse to their parents or Child Protection Department. This not only save their life but also another kid’s life from the abuser.

In my view, sexual abuse can be controlled by providing heavy punishments. But most common emotional abuse and neglect from surroundings of the child can be controlled.

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