Trip to Aquarium Benefits

We took a recent trip to Aquarium with Sanath. So, in this post we will be discussing about the benefits of visiting an aquarium and How Sanath got benefited after the visit?

If there is magic in this planet it is contained in water- LOREN EISELEY

Aquarium is the best place for kids to admire, discover, get exposed to another side of the world. We can make them discover that there are different creatures that god has created in this world.

Looking on to the benefits of visiting an aquarium.

  • Kids may tend to relax themselves due to the melodic music played and the lighting used inside the aquarium. They feel sense of silence prevailing in there.
  • They develop their Sensory skills in major. Like they grow their sense of touch by touching the crafts they have hung, and they also have touch and feel water tank which includes star fishes, pebbles, rocks, sand etc. by touching it kids feel the texture of it. And they tend to tell us its rough, soft, hard etc. But please don’t forget to wash their hands with liquid soap to avoid any bacterial infections from it. They will also place a hand wash near to the touch and feel water tank.
  • They also tend to develop sense of seeing and exploring the underwater nature, colors, shapes of the creatures etc. my boy said STAR STAR by seeing the star fish 😊
  •  They grow their imagination skills by discovering and remembering what they saw in the rhymes from the television and that they see in their reality. Sanath remembered the BABY SHARK rhymes and he was telling MOMMY SHARK, DADDY SHARK, BABY SHARK by imagining each shark and with their sizes.
  • Main skill he got over here is that Social skill. Kids tend to socialize with more people here. And if we are Expats and the kid is at home whole day, visiting these places tend to create exposure for the kids to move on with new peoples.
  • Kids also develop emotional skill. When a shark or tortoise comes nearby to them, in just a second their emotions trigger and they get afraid or surprise depends on the kids thoroughly 😉 mine got surprised and happy. Next to him was a poor little girl got scared and cried.
  • To say Sanath improved his physical skill also as he walked a lot inside it, and he didn’t say a single word to me or his Papa to lift him up. See it also needs children’s interest to do everything by themselves. Until they get interest whatever we try to tell them to do they won’t do. IT HAPPENS 😊
  • Lastly Communication and language skill improved a lot. Kids tends to tell some words and join them in sentences to convey us what they see, what they feel, how they feel etc.

So, take your children to these kinds of trips which improves them a lot in all aspects. Not only Aquarium there are more options like zoo, museum, beach, park, grocery etc. wherever they tend to get expose and they build up their skills.

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