Holistic Growth of a Child

Children learn everything from what they do time to time. So, they show all arenas of growth and development i.e. physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language skills. They interconnect all these skills to learn, grow and develop. This is meant as HOLISTIC approach in growth and development. It means all skills are dependent on one another.

Exactly to make you understand, I have given some case studies below to show you how all arenas of a child’s development is Holistic. This is also my personal story.

In a nursery, when I went to do volunteering temporarily, I was made to look after a class of children age 3-4 (toddlers). During the day I conducted a gluing activity. We had a circle chart paper for each kid and different shapes sticker. Kids were told to stick different stickers in a way all the stickers formed any picture they know. Kids started doing it. Each kid created different picture with those shapes sticker. One created a Christmas tree, one created a house, one created a cloud with sun etc. So, here to understand this act not only develops a child’s fine motor skill, these also help in bringing out intellectual skills (thinking of picture they invented, learnt different shapes), language (they indulged in asking questions to the teacher regarding the shapes, picture etc.) and social skills (they started to interact with their peer kids regarding what they are making and creating relationships as like friends etc.). This shows that all arenas of a child’s development are interlinked when performing an activity. They use all these skills and they even learn from it.

Then why all these skills are important and why they should be interlinked for a child’s development. Here comes another story which I experienced.

During one of my class sessions with the same class of children age 3-4 (toddlers) I started to personalize all children regarding their behavior, capacity of learning as in few months they will be starting their school life. I created a circle time and made children to sing rhymes, tell stories and asked them questions regarding the story and rhymes. One boy sparked me with his intellectual answers for my questions, where other children were so quiet some were annoying. We talked about the story the turtle and the hare at the end I asked the kid regarding the moral of the story what they learnt, the boy answered me “we have to go slow as turtle and be steady and win”. I felt very glad that his language, cognitive and communication skills are very good. He even interacts with other kids well which shows his social skills. For the next hour, I kept some workbook activity for a group of six children and made them to trace the dotted lines in the book. Three children hold their pencil and traced on their own and for 2 children I explained and helped them how to hold the pencil and they tried to trace the dotted lines. Then, to my surprise the boy whom I felt was doing good in all skills was not doing it and I also helped him to hold the pencil, but he hesitated to touch the paper with pencil. This shows his lack of development in physical skills like Fine Motor skill. Fine Motor skill is one of the major skills which a child should poses as it is needed in all phases of his life. By having social, intellectual, language skills don’t show the boy’s full potential only if he has physical development interlinked with intellectual, social and language development will help him in attaining his full talents.

Then gave him the pencil and said do whatever he wants. First, he started to hold the pencil like how we hold a paint brush. He started to scribble on the paper. I appreciated him. Then that evening I discussed with the nursery management regarding what I felt, and they called his parents and told about his growth and then discussed them about the fine motor skill which he is lacking. Then they were informed not to stop him when he scribbles on paper or even on walls. This will encourage him to use the pencil more. Within a week he tried started to hold a pencil like other children. He showed his improvements on his Fine motor skill development. Now his all skills are developed.

So, therefore it is important that the growth of a child needs a holistic approach. Molding all the skills inclusively develops a child to his/her full potential. Don’t stop a child’s act. As I said by scribbling on the wall, they are not making the walls ugly, they are improving their Fine motor skills. By dragging the chair, they are not making a terrible noise but they are strengthening their hand muscles to write in future.

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