Positive Environment for Development Part 2

On the track on Positive environment for child’s development.

Having enough resources:

Young kids are more likely to get involved to play where there is more fun. If the choice of materials is plenty, and are of interest and development ability, children do engage them to play. There should be enough range of various activity materials to all children in the home thus not leaving the child gets boredom. Its not necessary to provide store bought toys as resources. Resources which I mention here even includes the household things. Do You Know majority of the kids get enough resources inside the kitchen? Do you Accept it??

I literally say YES 😊 My young one SANATH full day activity is from his loving MOMMY’S KITCHEN. Yeah, he plays with the Tawa, Pressure Cooker, Spatula and so on.

SANATH enjoying his cooking activity 🙂

Having enough Time:

Apart from enough materials or things you provide, children also need enough amount of time to have an uninterrupted learning or play instead of hurrying for cleanup. Hurrying may create insecurity in children regarding their imagination which in turn makes them tensed and stressed to play fast before Mom or Dad going to clear it up. For instance, say if you provide a bunch of coriander leaves to the child for playing until you finish your cooking. Don’t be so self-intended like after you finish your cooking seeing the kid messed up the bunches and you get way high to clean it up immediately. Its fine home will be home it is not a museum to be in order always. Let the child enjoys the play and feel it. Provide time, you may end up in some CREATIVE CHAMP. If you are providing A well enough time period, it makes children to be calm and focus on activities which creates a positive environment.


Apart from children succeed academically, they must feel safe, both physically and mentally. Safety goes beyond physical well-being of children. To have a safe positive environment, children must feel restful, support and respect. Keeping them safe in both physical and mental way keeps a positive environment alive. They must feel safe with us. For that provide them your love and care. Yes, there are too times to be hard when they are unbending. But still, you can mold them with your love. We too have days with lots of stress and pressure, don’t leave on them. You can leave your stress by playing and spending time with them. Am I Right MOMS??

So, Providing the kids a positive environment is not a tough task. Go ahead feel happy You are creating a future world. 🙂


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