Positive Environment for Development

Young children act differently based on the design of the environment they live in. Effectively planned home or surroundings they live in provides all potential and positive environment influencing all areas of development of the children. The environment can support the development of behaviors that are valued in our society. Appealingly pleasing space and surroundings can develop a child’s appreciation for the beautiful world around them. Most importantly, quality environment can provide a safe setting that “feels” like a good place to be.

Children are all affected by their environment. Their physical surroundings affect how they feel, how comfortable they are, how they relate to others, and how successful they accomplish their goals.

For a young child, positive environment is very important.

You can build or arrange a place in consideration with the following features.

There are 8 prime features which are considered important when giving a positive environment which supports a child’s development.

  • Basic Needs
  • Physical Space
  • Visibility
  • Sensory Factors
  • Selection of Play Materials
  • Have Enough Resources
  • Having Enough Time
  • Safety

Basic Needs:

Both adults and children need some basic needs to keep them and their environment positive. They are Air, Light, and Nutrition filled environment. Air children do need fresh air to inhale. A positive environment should provide fresh air and not air from Ac units. If Ac units then with filters and exhaust to remove impure air and with proper maintenance, a visible natural day light which is a basic need for activeness or at least artificial lighting using white light and with not any decoration red or yellow lights. Provide them a good nutrition filled foods. Give them all kinds of foods and don’t restrict them with baby foods. And, never stop them when eating junk foods. Yes, they can eat chocolate, chips, fries or cake in rare days. Make them to discover foods. They should get familiar and get loved to eat both veggies and junkies. But to remember that nutritious one is always good, and junk are always not nutritious. So, manage the meal plan accordingly. Limit it and don’t restrict it. Children need more calories to spend it in their play. So, don’t worry on their weight as we elder do. You MOMMIES know right what your child always needs. Hear your heart when you give food to your child and give them with your full love in it 😊 that will be the best nutritious food in the world.

Physical Space:

Physical Space is important for every child. They should be able to move freely throughout the house. Don’t dump the house with loads of furniture and other things which restricts the child to move around freely. Children must have enough space to eat, rest and play.  A small space makes the children composed and it makes them uncomfortable. However the house layout, may be small, medium or big but in any layout make the house free with little things to give space to the child to move around and play freely. If possible, create them an activity area where they can play and do creative activities.


Visual perception refers to the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see. It is the most important feature for a positive environment. Children are more attracted to colorful arts. A house with colorful walls, paintings and educative wall charts tends to attract children. It builds a sense of happiness, knowledge and relaxation among the children.

Sensory Factors:

A sensory rich environment gives the children an opportunity to explore the environment through touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. Sensory factors are an important feature as a child from birth to early childhood use their five senses to explore their world around them. Learning through sensory play comes naturally to children and should be supported in home. Give them Roti dough to play. Playing with the dough triggers sense of touch. There are lots of sensory activities we can provide to our children in home. If you need some list of Sensory activities which we can play at home with children subscribe to the box below.

Selection of Play Material:

The types of Play toys we buy for our children and the way it is organized helps children to know about the environment. Buy play toys according to the child’s age. Most of us do the mistake of buying elder child’s toy for infants don’t that. There is some age when a child play with blocks and in some age, they will play with car. When a new born baby get a gift, which may be a car or blocks, don’t give them right away or within 6 months of their age. Literally they don’t know how to play with it. Its good you keep it safe and give them when they are in an age appropriate stage to play with that. And I have seen in some home toys are scattered or all toys dumped in one big box. And when child plays, he drops the whole box and get confuse with which one to play and gets irritated. And to the fact Mommies get tired of gathering everything in the box again. It spoils the positive environment both to the child and dear moms. Instead, organize the toys according to their categories and weekly allocate them some toys and alternate it every week. This will not make them bore of toys and they will know what to play.

And to a good aspect, there won’t be a need of buying a new toy every week. 😊 Great tip right. Applause for me!!!!!

Keeping this in mind, I will write all other features in my next posts.


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