Every Children are Exclusive and made Sole

Every Child is a different kind of flowers, but all together make up a beautiful garden.

It’s true that every child has a common development milestone. But still each child shows a varied rates and sequences of development. We can able to see that between our own child and child of others. Yeah, one of the major stress for parents in growing and developing their child is that they do always compare their child’s development with their peer’s child of same age.

It even goes to the extend of comparing with much elder child analyzing what was his or her development in their child’s age. It really ends up in trauma or frustration, thinking their child’s development is slow and not competent enough with other children.

Don’t do that… Children are not ours for the breaking, they are ours for the making.

Its is way important to have play dates with other children to build relationships and not to compete one another.

So, what might be the reason for differences of development in each child like one may be fast in speaking and another is slow or didn’t even start yet….

There are various reasons to say. Its may be due to some health factors or environment factors.

Health factors which include Genetic influence which is a vital part in a child’s growth and development. This is what a major reason for difference in each child’s development.

How it happens?????

You might have seen grannies saying when the baby is sucking his or her thumb, ‘My grandson or granddaughter doing the same as his father or mother’. And when you ask your mother ‘Mama why my daughter is not crawling (in an anxious mood😕) , your mom will easily answer don’t worry she will directly sit as you did’. 😊 Genetics are the basic arena in human development.

Environmental factors include

Family Background

Children’s development can differ according to the background of the family. For instance, a big family and a nuclear family. A child in a big family tends to speak soon as he or she is exposed to so many people in consideration to the child in a nuclear family as the child is only with two people Mom and Dad. There are ways to make a child in nuclear family to speak soon. Its possible!!! 🙂 But I am here talking about the nature.


One of the biggest traits which make a child speak soon is that language. Mother tongue is the best language the child learns firstly without any trouble. Why language becomes a pitfall??? Some dear Moms and Dads are the reason behind it.

What to know why??

A Child before speaking itself what parents does, they speak in mother tongue within themselves and to the child. And teach to speak some other language keeping in mind of their child’s schooling when child being an infant. And to get more language classes toddlers watch cartoon videos in another language which is neither a mother language nor the language which the parents teach.

What happens here a big confusion!!!!!

So, it leads to a delay in language and communication development.

Hmmm, therefore the difference of rate and sequence in a child’s development are some due to nature and some due to we parents.

We cannot change the nature, but we can mold ourselves for developing the child.

Here, I can give you a free common development milestones of children 0 to 3 years.

If you need it submit the form down below.


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