Young Children’s Development

Children are learning from the womb and they develop and learn at a rapid pace in their early years. It is the responsibility of the adults to care and provide education to support young children development.

How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers vital signs about your child’s development. Development stages of the children starts from the birth itself.

Socio-emotional development can be seen in rapid pace firstly. Like they smile at their parents then to other people who seems familiar to them. Then when time passes, they try to calm their emotions like crying by sucking their fingers.

Physical development does occur hasty way like holding their head up, make some movements with hands and legs and turning their head towards the sound directions.

We might think cognitive development occurs only when a child starts his/her Math’s classes.

 HA HA not at all. Cognitive is not only Math or any other intellectual subjects. It can be seen as early as when baby sees the world. Yeah, they look around see things nearby and get curious on it. Brings their toys or any other things to their mouth. Hmm these are too cognitive development as these shows the babies brain development.

At last, Language development, Yes, they start to give gurgling sounds, they make different types of cry to show their hunger, pain or feeling tired.

Even though these developments occur in different time and different sequences to all babies, every baby is unique, and they develop in their own way. It is the sole responsibility of the adults I.e. parents/carers to have a look on the child’s own development and give them a supportive care to develop them even more.

So, why do babies development occurs at different rates and different sequences like a baby first roll, crawl and sit and another baby directly sits up and walk. Some speak up early and some are late. Why is that???????

Keep on to my blog for the next post.

Until Keep smiling my WONDER MOMS.

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