Bonding and Developing the Baby During Pregnancy

Mum’s body is a great place to live and enjoy…

As said in the earlier post, we can develop the little champ in various areas.

Do you know around 19th week the lil one can hear the sounds inside your body like heartbeat or stomach rumbling. Isn’t it a sensory development πŸ™‚ So, what can you do to develop it little more???

The good idea is to speak to the baby, sing to them πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about your voice Mummas are the great singers to them. touch and massage your stomach. Don’t be anxious on their reply. they may or may not reply on time. but if they replied by moving around it is the biggest sensory development you have given them. By 23 weeks baby’s eye sights are developed. So, they can see the light from inside. So,use a mild torch light and make a movement around your stomach. if the baby moves according to the light, Callas the baby senses are developed.

Hmm, How do babies have cognitive development? Cognitive in a way i mean memory development. By 31 weeks a baby may know his/her mother’s voice, Dad’s voice and other close people voices. And also if music played regularly to them, they can react to the familiar music. Play a new song and a familiar song, they give their movements t to the familiar songs though babies discover new music. By reacting to the familiar voice and music, we can understand that baby’s memory skills i.e. cognitive skills are developed.

what about Language development??? Yeah, babies understand their mother tongue quickly in their early years as they listen to the language right from being in the womb. So, SPEAK,SPEAK,SPEAK……….

Literally, i mean you to become a chatterbox, though you are that kind, you know even me too πŸ˜‰ but parenting turns us out believe me. Communicating with babies develop their language and also their senses like they hear your voice.

Being SOCIAL is very important. So, it must be taught to a child primarily. so why wait till baby arrives? Do it when they are unborn. Make baby’s Dad, older sibling, Great people like Grandpas, Grandmas to spend time with the baby and speak to them. This will make babies to get socialize with more voices and people. Great way, is to make the grandparents to recite the daily prayers in front of you. This will both develop babies spiritual and social areas.

Lastly, Emotional development. yes, babies do have emotions. They smile, cry, get excited, feel sleepy inside the womb. They show emotions according to the Mum’s body movements. If Mum is happy they feel excited, if Mum is afraid seeing a horror movie they to feel uneasy.

So, you WONDER MUM experience all kind of emotions during pregnancy will automatically grow your lil’s emotional development.

Wait, HA HA i got it, what you think πŸ™‚ how do we face all emotions during pregnancy? Am i right??? Don’t worry we all do face all emotions due to our hormones πŸ™‚ :(…

Keeping this in mind, how can we support and maintain all these development after birth also, will come up with the next post.


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